Ant-Man Review

First of all, yes, this version of Ant-Man differs a great deal from the comic book version. In the Marvel Universe, Ant-Man and the Wasp were among the original founders of the Avengers. Hank Pam was both Ant-Man and Yellowjackets. Scott Lang was also Ant-Man, but after Pym became Yellowjacket full-time.

But this is the Marvel Movie Universe and it’s different and that’s fine.

The movie started of slow as many origin movies do. I expected it to be a little funnier to start with as well. However, the last part of the movie made up for that. The humor and the action moved it along nicely. Best of all, no other film can seriously do a battle on top of a moving train ever again after this movie, which is a good thing.

The tie in with the Avengers was slightly arbitrary but it worked plot wise and universe wise. The battle with the Falcon was handled well. In fact, the battle sequences with Ant-Man were all done well and actually show how this hero can be formidable in battle as well as espionage. They even managed to make the ants sympathetic.

Cross/Yellowjacket was barely developed though. He’s pretty much evil from the time we meet him. It’s not that big of a flaw though since Scott and Hope’s characters are much more interesting. However, it does make me once again think that the Daredevil approach with a limited series is a better venue for superhero dramas/comedies.

Overall, Ant-Man is a fun movie. Oh, and there are two credit scenes to stay for.

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