A look back at Comic-Con

Since it’s been a few days, post Comic-Con, I thought I would write a few thoughts on the whole experience. Overall, I had a great time and met some interesting people. I did this without going into Hall H once or waiting in line for more than an hour for anything. There are lots of cool panels as well as cool people in the exhibit hall that you can see and talk to without sleeping on the sidewalk. I also thought it was great that so much was set up outside the convention center for the public to go to. Most of all, it was great to see so many people having fun, dressing up, and enjoying themselves.

Highlights Day 2 SDCC

Today was free stuff day. I won a John Scalzi book at the Tor booth and picked up a few other free books as well. I finally got to meet a Facebook/email friend, Debbie Smith, in person. That was nice. I stopped to see NKU alum David Mack at his booth. We did the Homer Dome, a promotion for the huge Simpsons’ marathon coming up and got more cool stuff. We went to a panel on Frederick Wertham’s influence on comics. The idea of violence in media was the largest part of the discussion. We then went to see the animated feature Batman: Assault on Arkham, which was the most violent, and mostly pointlessly so, DC animated feature I had ever seen. I’m not sure why we need to see animated character’s heads explode. But overall, another fun day.

Highlights of Day One of Comic-Con

I saw several panels today. I’m now looking forward to watching Star Wars: Rebels after seeing several clips and listening to the voice actors talk. My favorite panel was Sharknado 2. The trailer was awesome and the panelists were great. Ian Zwerling was a riot. My friend and I watched the Japanese movie Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl. It was a hilarious over the top gore fest. All in all, a good day at Comic-Con.

Preview Night

Saw the first episodes of The Flash and Constantine tonight. I liked both of them. Flash has elements of Spider-Man and Smallville. Constantine is going to be a lot different (in a good way) than the movie version.