Comic-Con Review Part 2 — Outside the Convention Center

If you’ve never been to Comic-Con, the event spills out into the areas around the convention center, especially towards the Gaslamp Quarter. SyFy takes over a local restaurant and matches it to one of there shows. NBC sets up attractions, including a Heroes Reborn one this year. The 4D experience line was long, but a worker came and told us that the gallery was open with no line and you still got the free bag. AMC had an exhibit for the new walking dead spinoff. On Wednesday, I got a Sharknado 3 gift in that spot. (Late in the week, I spotted the SyFy people in the quarter and got more freebies. šŸ™‚ ) We also got free granola bars and iced coffee concentrate.

The area between the Convention center and the Hilton I felt wasn’t as good this year as last. Fox had a Simpsons theme last year that didn’t require registration. This year, both the FX Fearless and Adult Swim areas had lines to register before you could go in and wait in more lines.

The Petco Park area had a Snoopy House and a Scream Queen ride, but again, I felt that the offerings last year (Amazon, X-Men, Sleepy Hollow) were better. There were Scream Queen ice cream carts, but the one time we were there when they were, we had just had a smoothie so we didn’t get in line.

Inside Petco park, we tried our hand at throwing “ninja cards.” We didn’t win the t-shirt but got a pair of sunglasses. We also stumbled across and interview with Ian Ziering, so that was worth it.

Overall, I still enjoyed Comic-Con, whether going inside or outside.

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