A Tale of Two Kitties

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Actually, no, it was just this afternoon. It was a hot and sunny afternoon. I decided to play with Hermes, the 10 month old kitten while Hector, the 15 year old cat, slept in his basket. And I started getting all philosophical like.

Hector spends most of his time sleeping, either in his basket or next to me in a chair or while I’m sleeping. He gets up to eat and use the litter box. He occasionally goes out onto the screened in porch to see what’s up but comes in a few minutes later. This is his life, and I must admit, I envy him sometimes. And actually, that’s pretty much how I’ve spent a lot of the summer.

Hermes on the other hand loves to explore and see new things. He spends hours on the porch, just watching and wondering about the world behind the screens. He likes to nap but he also likes to play. He likes to hug and he likes to wrestle. He’s still seeking adventure, as much as an indoor only cat can.

So, I’m now 49 and have to decide, do I want to become even more like Hector or should I start emulating Hermes?

Now, someday, I will probably be the cranky old man like Hector, not wanting to be disturbed and occasionally incontinent, but I’m not there yet. So, just as I got down on the floor and played with Hermes, I need to get out more and seek more new adventures in the world beyond the screens and safety of the house.

Okay, perhaps a little cheesy and simplistic, but it’s what came to me today. Meow.

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