What if? season two . . .

If you have finished Marvel’s What If? Season One, you know it ended with a cliffhanger. (Spoliers ahead).

The Watcher unwittingly released Infinite Ultron on the Multiverse and the Dr. Strange who killed his world comes to help. I’m sure this will lead to a multiversal team of Avengers being assembled but what if they chose a group the actually had a much better chance of defeating the evil android? What if they assembled the Scarlet Coven?

The Scarlet Coven, a group a multiverse Scarlet Witches, would definitely have the power to stop him. The MCU’s Wanda destroyed Ultron and nearly defeated Thanos on her own. Imagine a group of them. Below is my take on what form the coven might take. Feel free to add your own in the comments.

Wanda Maximoff, the MCU version as seen at the end of Wanda Vision.

Pietro Maximoff, the Scarlet Warlock. One this world, the twins’ powers were reversed.

Wanda Maximoff, Agent of Hydra. One this world, Wanda and Pietro destroy the Avengers before Tony has a change to build Ultron or the Vision.

Wanda Maximoff, Sorceress Supreme. In this world, Dr. Strange never returns from the Dark Dimension and Wanda becomes Sorceress Supreme.

Agatha Harkness. In this world, Agatha defeats Wanda and takes her powers, becoming the Scarlet Witch.

Billy Maximoff, Wiccan. In this world, Wanda sacrifices her own life so her boys might live.

Hex. In this world, Wanda is a member of the mutant group the X-Men. Her hexes make the improbable happen.

WandaVision. In this world, in order to save Vision, Wanda merges the two of them into one entity.

Scarlet Thor. In this world, Captain America and Thor die in the battle with Thanos and Wanda proves worthy to wield Mjolnir.

It’s Wanda! In this world, Wanda uses her powers to become the sit-com star she admired as a child.

I chose not to include zombie Wanda since she would just want to eat everyone.

Eis Cafe 5

This one will be hard to top. It has chocolate, vanilla, and chocolate chip ice cream, pears, chocolate sauce, and cream, not to mention all the cookies. It was the July special at an Eis cafe in Seigen. And Christian got a raspberry ice cream for his selection.

Eis Cafe 4

“Spaghetti Eis” — vanilla ice cream made to look like spaghetti topped with strawberry sauce — is fairly common. I like the places that do variants on that theme. This is “spaghetti Nero,” chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce, chocolate crumbles, whole hazelnuts and whole walnuts.