That Alphabet Thing from Facebook

I was tagged in this a few days ago and decided to do it as a blog post. So here it goes.

A. Age: 49 (really, for the first and only time)

B. Biggest Fear: Trump/Carson ’16

C. Current time: 1:21 pm

D. Drink you last had: Coffee

E. Everyday starts with: telling Hector to shut up

F. Favorite song: “Boat on the River” Styx.

G. Ghosts, are they real: Define real

H. Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

I. In love with: I resent the fact that such quizzes assume that in order to be fulfilled, you must be in love. (On the other hand, if you are a single gay male with a trust fund, please contact me.)

J. Jealous of: Matt Bomer’s husband

K. Killed someone: Taking the 5th

L. Last time you cried: When my cat Medea died

M. Middle name: Andrew

N. Number of siblings: 5

O. One wish: That the human race would stop sucking

P. Person you last called: my sister

Q. Question you are always asked: Are you giving our papers back?

R. Reason to smile: cats

S. Song last sang: “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee”

T. Time you woke up: 9:50 am

U. Underwear color: black

V. Vacation destination: Germany

W. Worst Habit: Starting things and not finishing them