For St. Patrick’s Day

For St. Patrick’s Day, some of my limericks:

An intelligent ape named Stan

Was part of an ingenious plan.

Going faster than light,

He evolved during flight,

And returned a handsome young man.


There once was fairy named Gleam

Who got drunk on some old Jim Beam.

Being not quite herself,

She made love with an elf,

Lost her pride, but gained elf-esteem.


Benson the amorous Yeti

Was in love with a woman named Betty

He tried making time

Using meter and rhyme

Except he wasn’t really very good at either.

Why this is a good month to be a reader

March is a good month if you are a reader! Besides my own chapbook being published this month, I wanted to mention a few of my friends with publications now out.

My friend Greg Bechtel has published his first short story collection Boundary Problems. Find out about it here.

My friend and colleague Kelly Moffett’s new book of poetry, A Thousand Wings, is out from Salmon Press. Here’s more info.

My friend and alum Mary Anne has a new poetry chapbook, Down Deep, from Finishing Line Press. Here is the info.

My friend and colleague Stephen Leigh’s latest novel is out from DAW/Penguin. Find out about Immortal Muse here.

My new prose chapbook “Bodies in Water” is now available!

My prose chapbook, consisting of a lyric essay and a short story is now available from Porkbelly Press. Here’s a sample from the short story:


      Edie Carmichael sits on her back oak deck staring at the river, watching for the body. She has done this for three days, everyday since she heard about the drownings. The car had missed a curve on State Route 128 and broke through the guardrails to splash into the Great Miami River. It sank to the bottom.  

      She has heard on Eyewitness News that there were two people in the car. One man, one woman. She wonders if it was his wife or girlfriend or mistress.  


And here’s the link for purchase!