My Favorite Gay Comic Book Couples

As we near the end of LGBTQ history month, I thought I would reflect on my favorite gay comic book couples.

Apollo and Midnighter: These two members of Stormwatch and the Authority are my favorites, at least before the new 52. When they didn’t belong to DC, their relationship and marriage were handled superbly. They adopted Jenny Quantum and made good dads, considering their line of work. The authors and artists did a good job of showing that while they were badasses when it came to fighting villains, they had love and affection for each other. It didn’t hurt that they were reflections on Batman and Superman as well. I’m behind on the new 52 versions, but the characters and their relationship got rebooted, so it seems a little watered down now.

Northstar and Kyle: After skirting Alpha Flight member Northstar’s sexuality in one of the worst story lines ever (he’s not gay. He’s a faery, literally), Marvel finally let the character “come out.” They even let him get married to his boyfriend Kyle. While still not a central character, it’s nice to see the married gay couple in the Marvel Universe.

Rictor and Shatterstar: When these two got together in X-Factor, it was I think the first gay kiss in the Marvel Universe. The relationship had its rocky moments, as all do and those in comic books have even more. But they did stay together, at least until the series ended. I’m waiting to see if they come back again.

I know there are other couples in comics, but these are my favorites (and I can’t afford to read everything out there!) Who are your favorites?

How to Keep National Parks Open and Help the Deficit: Sell Off Naming Rights!

Since the government shutdown, many national parks are closed. Perhaps the federal government should follow the example of universities and cities and start selling off the naming rights to the national parks and landmarks to keep them funded and open. Here are some suggestions:

The Statue of Liberty Mutual

The Lincoln Navigator Memorial

The Hoover Upright Dam

The Washington Post Monument

Rocky: The Undisputed Collection (contains I-V!!!!) Mountain National Park

Cumberland Gap Jeans Historical National Park

The Grand Theft Auto Canyon

Great Kahn’s Big Red Smokeys National Park

Gateway Computers Arch (The official name for the St. Louis Arch)

The GMC Denali Pick Up Truck National Park

I was going to suggest Viagra Falls, but technically that’s a State Park and I don’t think Viagra wants to be followed by the word “falls.”

What are your suggestions?