Almost Human – Almost Original

Some spoilers!

At 8:00, Hector (my very large black cat) and I sat down to watch the new show Almost Human. Hector was unimpressed and quickly fell asleep in my lap. I, however, stayed awake and  liked the show.

While the human/android pairing is hardly original, the show kept my interest. I liked the parallel of both John and Dorian being “asleep” for several years, one in a coma, one decommissioned.  It was a nice touch. The interaction between the characters was good. Dorian is predictably more “human” than his flesh and blood counterpart though that seems likely to  change. The show is taking the buddy cop genre into science fiction television, which could be good.

The dystopian world it is set in is a bit grim and ultraviolent. I was surprised this aired at 8:00 pm. Legs being blown off and skin basically melting seems a little much for “family hour.” (Does that even exist any more?)

I look forward to seeing where the show will go. It will give me something to watch on Monday nights now that I’ve given up on Sleep Hollow.

One thought on “Almost Human – Almost Original

  1. I think the family hour died in the “Friends” era. With the alternatives to broadcast tv that kids could be watching, it’s probably not a big loss.

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