Thor: The Dark World

So last week I discussed the idea of Disney combining its franchises, not realizing they already had. Thor: The Dark World was a good movie and it certainly had tinges of Star Wars added to it.

First, Disney has been careful in the three appearances of Thor and Loki not to call them gods. This movie is no exception, with Odin even stating that fact. Instead, they are portrayed, as are the Dark Elves, as aliens with super science/magic. We have a giant death star (though not round) and flying battle ships that look a bit like TIE fighters. The energy weapons of the bad guys fire red while the Asgardians’ blades shine with blue energy. At least Odin doesn’t say “Use the Force, Thor.”

I enjoyed the movie, liking it better than the first one. It has what a superhero movie needs: action, story, good characters, and a bit of humor. We all know how major franchise movies are going to end; the fun is getting there. This movie has a lot of fun getting there and yet isn’t too terribly predictable. And visually, it was  a treat.

But don’t be surprised if Disney releases Princess versions of the Lady Sif and Jane Foster.

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