How to Keep National Parks Open and Help the Deficit: Sell Off Naming Rights!

Since the government shutdown, many national parks are closed. Perhaps the federal government should follow the example of universities and cities and start selling off the naming rights to the national parks and landmarks to keep them funded and open. Here are some suggestions:

The Statue of Liberty Mutual

The Lincoln Navigator Memorial

The Hoover Upright Dam

The Washington Post Monument

Rocky: The Undisputed Collection (contains I-V!!!!) Mountain National Park

Cumberland Gap Jeans Historical National Park

The Grand Theft Auto Canyon

Great Kahn’s Big Red Smokeys National Park

Gateway Computers Arch (The official name for the St. Louis Arch)

The GMC Denali Pick Up Truck National Park

I was going to suggest Viagra Falls, but technically that’s a State Park and I don’t think Viagra wants to be followed by the word “falls.”

What are your suggestions?

One thought on “How to Keep National Parks Open and Help the Deficit: Sell Off Naming Rights!

  1. –Mello Yellostone National Park
    –Great Smoky and the Bandit Mountains National Park (a bit of a branding problem)
    –Jeep Cherokee National Forest
    –Megadeath Valley National Monument–for all your music festival needs
    –Caped Crusader Hatteras National Seashore
    –Ever(Ready)glades National Park

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