Once Upon the TV Ratings

Oct. 13.

My geek week TV watching review:

Sleepy Hollow: Ichabod still hasn’t changed clothes. Apparently, wearing old coats and leather boots that smell like they have been buried for 250 years is a way to fight evil. And who knew King Solomon spoke German?

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: I’m still enjoying this one the most. I like having more clues that Agent Coulson is probably a Life Model Decoy. Besides previous clues, we get the idea that he has no muscle memory. For those unfamiliar with LMDs, it’s a very sophisticated artificial life form from the comics series. Frequently, LMDs are often unaware they are LMD’s. Tony Stark mentioned one in the Avengers. And we got the creation of Graviton. That will be fun when he comes back as the villain.

American Horror Story: The Coven: Good to see the cast back along with familiar faces from season one and new faces like Kathy Bates. Her character is horrifying in that she is human and still capable of atrocities. The witch angle may or may not get cheesy. The idea of the council and the Supreme seemed a little hokey and the one gift reminded me more of Charmed. I did like the living voodoo doll though.  

Once Upon in Time in Wonderland: Or Once Upon a Time in recycled story lines geared to sell more merchandise. Sorry for  those of you who liked it, but I thought the mash up of Alice and Aladdin was just too much. I didn’t care for the production values, especially the rabbit and the Cheshire Cat. The Knave of Hearts was interesting and I did like the kick-ass Alice. But the genie bit was too much. He was too human except for being able to grant wishes. He has lived for hundreds of years in a bottle and has magical abilities, but can be knocked off a cliff to his doom? He’s a genie!!!! Doubt I will be tuning in again for this one.

What do you think of the new fantasy/sf shows on this season?

One thought on “Once Upon the TV Ratings

  1. I still have a problem w the clothes but at least I have seen him wash them and they even mentioned he needed new clothes in this episode. I haven’t watched the others.

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