Lucifer — Short Review

Okay, I have to say it. The new TV show for mid-season, Lucifer, is wickedly funny. Tom Ellis, the star, displays devilish charm (okay, I’ll stop now) as Lucifer Morningstar. Having abandoned Hell and running a club in LA, he doesn’t bother to hide whom he is or that he is immortal. Whether they believe him or not is up to them. He suddenly finds himself caring about the murder of a singer he once helped and teams up with a female detective to find the murderer and see that he gets what’s coming to him. He further becomes intrigued when Detective Dancer seems to be immune to his charms and ability to incite carnal desires.

The room at Comic-Con was packed with people watching the pilot and the crowd responded well. This show was funny and delightful. Most of that came from Lucifer who is brutally and hilariously honest in his interactions with humans. The interaction of the characters is also very good. If the writers can keep the idea working through all the episodes, Fox should have a hit on its hands. That is, if they don’t screw it up like they have other shows.

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