Supergirl Episode 1 review

I saw the first episode of Supergirl at Comic-Con. Below is a review with some spoilers.

The show starts with a summary via voice over of how Kara got to earth and her relationship to Superman. Then as the trailer suggested, it goes into rom-com mode, where Kara calls her sister to help her with a date, we see her problems with boss, and she meets James (not Jimmy) Olsen and becomes smitten with him.

It does move on from there into some action sequences as she saves a crashing plane. As she goes on a crime fighting spree, she gets captured by shadowy government agency and finds out her sister works for them. Sibling rivalry and drama ensue for a bit though they get resolved by the end of the show. She fights a bad guy and we get to see the villain of the season. I won’t say everything, but it’s a woman and she’s not an evil cosmetics queen, so that’s a plus.

It was an all right show. It will keep me watching for awhile. The fight scenes need some work since Kara’s flying kicks are particularly cheesy looking. It’s pretty easy to see what the story arc will be for the season: fight bad guys that leads up to confrontation with big bad, relationship with sister, budding romance with James. I don’t mind knowing where it’s going as long as it’s fun getting there. Hard to say if that will happen after the first episode, but it could.

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