Here Today, Gone Tomorrowland

As a Disney stockholder, I’m glad the Avengers has already made a bundle of money this year, because I sincerely doubt Tomorrowland will. Despite George Clooney, this is not a movie that will be considered a classic nor all that popular and word of mouth will probably hurt more than help.

Some Spoilers to follow

The movie’s beginning is awkward. The main characters, Frank Walker and Casey Newton, take turns talking to the audience. It seems really gimmicky and once it finally gets explained at the end of the movie who they are really talking to, it makes no sense. (why do the recruiters need to know any of this?)

The movie has some beautiful scenes but the pacing is slow. It takes a long time to figure out what the plot really is. Then we get killer robot battle and chase scenes.

The movie’s ending is less than subtle. People are rushing towards the end of the world and not doing anything about it because it’s too hard. Casey is the special one who can help fix things. And what special solution does Casey come up with? Let’s blow something up. I don’t mind movies with a message, but it doesn’t have to be a preachy monologue given by the villain. Strong, smart female characters are great, but let her be strong and smart and not rely on a bomb to fix things.

Tomorrowland may win the Memorial Day weekend box office, but I doubt it will be around long.

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