Mad Max and the Furies of Fury Road

I went to see the new Mad Max movie the other day. (By the way, it was in one of those new theaters with the reclining seats. That is so nice!) Two hours of action sequences and 10 minutes of character development. Maybe.

Of course I realize some people don’t care if the characters get developed that much. Then this is the movie for them. Tom Hardy gets maybe 50 lines of dialogue. Plot is pretty simple: We need to get from point A to point B. Oh, we made a mistake, let’s go back to point A. We’ll have lots of explosions and chase scenes both ways. Characters that we are supposed to care about die and characters that we hate die. That’s pretty much it.

Looking back though, I will give the writer’s credit for the title. Whether they meant it or not, the female character of Furiosa and the Fury Road seems to have more meaning than just anger. This woman, and the women she is with, are the Furies. They may be seeking escape but they are strong and powerful and resourceful. I would have liked to have seen more on the women, and frankly, not have had any of them need to be saved by the male characters. Of course, the women do as much saving as the men and Mad Max has to do something since it is his movie (supposedly).

But if you like car chases, explosions, and little story or dialogue to mess it up, this movie is for you.

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