Dear Mike Huckabee and his friends

Just to let you know, I have no interest in closing down all the churches in America. I do not hate Jesus. I do not hate America. In fact, I wouldn’t mind the spreading of the Gospels in America. You know, the gospels that say “Blessed are the poor” and “Blessed are the peacemakers” and all that. The gospels that say nothing about gay people. The gospels that say “Love thy neighbor” without qualifiers.  And if you want to discriminate based on the Gospels (not Leviticus) then rich people should not be served in restaurants, etc. since they are the most likely to go to hell (eye of the needle and all that). If you are concerned about people reaching heaven, where are the laws mandating rich people give at least half their income to the poor?

Do you understand what I’m doing here? I’m using selective quotes form the Bible to back up my argument. It’s easy to do since there is a lot of conflicting passages in the Bible, particularly between the Gospels, which you want to spread, and Leviticus. (Yes, I have read the whole Bible, the Catholic version with more books.)

I am gay and while I can obviously no longer claim to be a practicing Catholic, (Though I still feel guilty if I eat meat on a Friday during Lent.), I still consider myself a Christian and live by the Love thy neighbor code. That means I said a prayer for Fred Phelps when he died. It means I pray for a country that really does want to help the poor and spread peace.

Oh, and if you are looking at Ten Commandments, remember that one about bearing false witness? Maybe you should review that one.

May you have a blessed Easter or Passover or Spring religious festival of your choosing.

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