Politics and Publishing: Reflections on Indiana’s new law

My publisher, Post Mortem Press, is attending a book fair next week. It’s in Indiana, which just passed a “religious freedom bill.” Since the publisher and writers, including myself, were already committed to going, we will follow through. However, I was proud when my publisher posted on Facebook that it would be the last event he would attend in Indiana due to the passage of the new law.

I don’t usually discuss politics on my site, since it is by nature a contentious subject and I don’t have enough readers to tick off some. However, this is important.

I hope that those who support this law understand the impact it will have and what it suggests. For one, Catholic pharmacists can now refuse to fill birth control prescriptions or ring up condoms. It is also a challenge to any who wish to refuse service to the LGBTQ community based on their deeply held religious convictions, to uphold ALL the principles of their religion. There will be no cafeteria style choosing of which parts of the dogma you can choose. For instance, if you are Catholic, you should stop using birth control. (I give these examples since I was raised Catholic.) Proprietors and others must abide by every rule of their religions in order to claim the rights in this bill or else they are hypocrites and the law is nothing more than a discriminatory law dressed in holy clothing.

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