Alternate Titles for Superman vs. Batman

Warner Brothers recently registered possible titles for the next Superman movie starring Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck. Wonder Woman is rumored to be making an appearance as well. Here are some more titles they may want to consider.

1. Man of Steel 2: Men in Tights

2. Man of Steel 2: Not Owned by Disney Yet!

3. Man of Steel 2: At least it’s not Nicholas Cage!

4. Man of Steel 2: Still better than Superman Returns

5. Man of Steel 2: Way better than Gigli

6. Man of Steel 2: Clash of the Titans (and it will still be closer to mythology than either one of those movies.)

7. Man of Steel 2: Good Kal-el Hunting

8. Man of Steel 2: Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down (Magic lasso anyone?)

9. Man of Steel 2: The Return of Loki (Because Tom Hiddleston is that popular)

10. Man of Steel 2: I’m F***ing Ben Affleck (with Jimmy Kimmel)

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