Micro Horror 2016.8

Little Jenny looked under her pillow at the white tooth that had fallen out that morning. She flopped over onto her back and looked up at her mommy, tears in her eyes.

“Mommy, I don’t want the teeth fairy to come.”

Lara looked puzzled. “Why not, sweetie? The tooth fairy will give you a dollar for that tooth.”

“I’m not scared of the tooth fairy. I’m scared of the teeth fairy.”

“Oh honey, you’re saying it wrong. It’s the tooth fairy, not teeth fairy.”

Then Lara heard the whirring behind her, coming through the window. Hundreds of sparkly little women with dragon-fly wings moving so fast they were little more than silver blurs. Each one carried a small wand. And then they smiled, all at once, and Lara saw the mouths filled with sharp, jagged teeth, like a swarm of glittery piranhas.

“See, Mommy,” Jenny said, pulling the sheet over her. “I was right.”

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