Micro Horror 2016.5

Chuck knew he should have charged his phone before coming out into the middle of Nowhere, IN. But he had been in a hurry. Now he was stuck with a flat tire, no spare, and no way to call for help. He hadn’t seen another car in over an hour.

He looked at the planted fields on all sides. Right green vines spread over the landscape. He spotted a small farm house across the field. He sighed and started walking.

He had only gone about 20 feet when he started to feel uneasy. He heard a squish under his foot and jumped. A small cucumber lay crushed on the ground. He took a few more steps and then saw the first of them.

The child crawled through the vines, a faint green glow to its eyes. He spun and and saw more of the green-eyed children crawling towards him. They held sharp sticks and they were everywhere.

That’s when Chuck remembered the stories form his youth and realized he was about to become another victim of the children of the cucumbers.

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