Micro Horror 2016.2 (okay, maybe not so micro this time)

Jake rolled his eyes at yet another cheap Halloween bowl with the hand that grabbed at you when you reached into the bowl. The teenager looked around but the owner wasn’t in sight. Good. He would take it all. He did notice that this bowl looked a little more realistic than others, but he shrugged and reached for the candy. The hand snapped out and closed over his wrist. He yanked but it would not let go. He tried to pry the fingers loose but he couldn’t. Finally, he yanked backwards, falling backwards as he pulled the hand out the bowl. The hand still held on to his wrist.

“Look what you did! You broke my bowl,” said an old woman coming around the house. “I guess I’ll just have to make a new one.”

She raised the machete in her right hand and came at Jake.

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