Suicide Squad Review

Perhaps because I had heard the movie was awful and I went in with no expectations, I didn’t think it was that bad. Not that good, but not that bad. (And better than Batman vs. Superman)

The beginning is exposition heavy as we get introduced to the characters but since non-fans wouldn’t recognize them, I can understand that. After that, the action sequencing wasn’t too bad.


While this was supposed to be an ensemble cast and team, it really wasn’t. It was mostly a Will Smith/Deadshot and Margot Robbie/Harley Quinn movie team. Captain Boomerang was wasted (and in my opinion miscast). El Diablo’s character path was obvious from the beginning. Captain Flagg is barely characterized. Amanda Waller is scarier than any of the criminals she has “recruited.”

Jared Leto has said there was supposed to be more Joker scenes. I can’t say as I missed them and thought there were too many as is. The Joker’s presence in the present day story line made little sense and cluttered an already character packed movie. While the Joker may have been needed in the Harley flashbacks, he wasn’t needed in the overall plot. Leto’s Joker also seems to be too young to have been the foe of an Affleck Batman.

The ending is fairly predictable and sappy. I did wonder that Diablo seems to turn into a being resembling the Enchantress and her brother, as if he was also possessed by one of their race. However, nothing ever comes of that. It also engages in a version of “war porn,” when the Enchantress turns people into faceless monsters that get slaughtered by the team. While Deadshot seems horrified that these were once people, there is no effort to see if they can be saved.

In terms of developing another piece of the DCU movie verse, it makes the case for a world where the villains may be the best thing about it. Amanda Waller is more terrifying in her disregard for human life than even Harley Quinn. After seeing Batman vs. Superman, it seems terribly hypocritical that Batman would threaten her to shut down Task Force X when he killed more than most of the villains in this movie.

If the DCU wanted to make their world less dark, they didn’t really succeed. However, it does give fans a chance to see these characters in live action.


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