Superman fights for that?

Yesterday, I went to a Memorial Day Parade and memorial service. It was a small one with a local school band, veterans, and kids on bikes. One of the township trustees was master of ceremony and an older resident sang appropriate songs.

Then the keynote speak stood up and started talking. She mentioned the stories told by veterans and how they shouldn’t be lost. I agreed with that until I realized she was pitching her book. She started outlining the chapters and was going to be available for signing afterwards. Now, the proceeds are supposed to go to an organization that supports a service for veterans, but it still felt a little tacky. Especially when she got to the end. She said completely unironically:

“We’ll be inside selling our books. We take check, cash, or credit card. The American Way.”

Really? The American way is now defined as check, cash, or credit? Someone let Superman know that this is right up there with Truth and Justice.

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