An Open letter to the President of Miami University and to the Miami Board of Trustees

An open letter to President Hodge, the Board of Trustees, Director of University Advancement,

Please remove my name from the alumni directory. I do not wish to be called or receive your requests for money. I had given to the university in the past, but no longer. First, you dismantle the program (The School of Interdisciplinary Studies) that meant so much to my education and inspired me to become an educator as well. Now, against wishes of current students, alumni, faculty, and city of Oxford ordinance, you have voted to raze Patterson Place. There will be no more money coming from me to the university.

In fact, I hope other alumni and future alumni make this pledge: No Patterson, No Money. I have been in academia long enough to know it is money that does the most talking.The silence of bank accounts speaks loudest of all.


P. Andrew Miller

Professor of English

Northern Kentucky University

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