Wine and Cheese

Whenever ever I go to a workshop or reading series, I always feel like a bit of a fraud. Despite all my publications and experience, I feel out of place. Why? I don’t like wine. The only thing that has more associations with the literary crowds than wine is cats. At least I have two of those. However, readings always seem to have wine and cheese receptions. I do like cheese, but eating sometimes dry cheese without any liquid to wash it down isn’t really the most fun thing to do. And if by chance there is another beverage to drink (which is not always the case), I feel out of place with my obvious cup filled with water or a soft drink.

I was recently at the Writers in Paradise workshop that had nightly readings and yes, a wine and cheese reception before each reading (which were all wonderful). I would take a cup and go fill it at the drinking fountain. Now this was called Writers in Paradise. What about having a piña colada and cheese reception? That I would be in for. I’d even go back for refills!

2 thoughts on “Wine and Cheese

  1. I felt the same way Andrew. I don’t drink alcohol at all and then if I ate the cheese I really needed a drink. One day I brought a can of soda with me and I felt like they MUST be frowning on this.

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