Highlights of Day One of Comic-Con

I saw several panels today. I’m now looking forward to watching Star Wars: Rebels after seeing several clips and listening to the voice actors talk. My favorite panel was Sharknado 2. The trailer was awesome and the panelists were great. Ian Zwerling was a riot. My friend and I watched the Japanese movie Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl. It was a hilarious over the top gore fest. All in all, a good day at Comic-Con.


Preview Night

Saw the first episodes of The Flash and Constantine tonight. I liked both of them. Flash has elements of Spider-Man and Smallville. Constantine is going to be a lot different (in a good way) than the movie version.

Heading to Comic-Con

I will be going to the San Diego Comic-Con at the end of the month. I will be presenting at the Comics Art Conference about my lyric comic The Legacy of the Turquoise Knight (I still have copies for sale!). I hope to post some pictures from last visit over the next few days.