Facebook Quizzes I Am Waiting For

1. Which former Secretary of Education are you?

2. Which Interstate are you?

3. Which famous Canadian curler are you?

4. Which preposition are you? (I want to be “betwixt”)

5. Which Icelandic food item are you?

6. Which variety of hosta are you?

7. Which literary theory are you? (Post-structuralist anyone?)

8. Which Red Shirt are you?

9. Which sentence from a Faulkner novel are you? (How about “My mother is a fish”?)

10. Which Pierre Menard character are you? (Yes, that is for the literature geeks out there.)

Have your own ideas? Let me see them!

One thought on “Facebook Quizzes I Am Waiting For

  1. If I had to be a red shirt, I’d want to be Mr. Scot.

    Sample question: If a klingon took a shot at you, would you:

    A. Die
    B. Die slowly
    C. Knock out the klingon with one punch, drink a fifth of whiskey, then fix a broken warp drive with duct tape and tweezers.
    D. Cry a little then die

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