X-Men: Days of Future Past Review

I read the original story line way back when and it was a favorite of mine in the X-Men comics. I think the movie will be one of my favorites as well.

What did I like most? There was a story. The movie has a coherent, focused storyline that explores at least a few characters and the choices they make. Particularly, the young Charles Xavier payed by James MacAvoy was done well. The role reversal between him and wolverine was handled well. Magneto and Mystique had there moments as well. Unlike the recent Spider-Man, this film doesn’t try to do five stories in 2+ hours.

Yes, there was action. But this isn’t a film where the director/writer feels the need to have a huge CGI fight scene every ten minutes. There were no fight scenes on top of a moving vehicle (though Magneto does get on top of a moving train, but it’s not a fight.) No one dangled off a ledge/catwalk/helicarrier. The fight scenes in the future were okay but I have to say my favorite action sequence was Peter’s (Quicksilver) slow-downed action sequence in the Pentagon.

The movie, like all time-travel plots, has its holes. But there is enough story for me to overlook them. But I did wonder why Kitty Pryde is given the ability to send people back in time. Why not introduce one of the many telepaths in the X-Men, like Psylocke or Quentin Quire?

The cameos were all great, though where was Stan Lee?

Yes, there is an end of credits clip, but it probably will only make sense to readers of the comics. Also, it doesn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know since the title of the next film has already been released.

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