Why Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman is Awesome

Every time I teach my class on superheroes, I enjoy inflicting, er, introducing my students to the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman series. I mean, as students of popular culture and superheroes, this is a must see series. It is the only successful live adaptation of the iconic figure. (And yes, I know there was a movie with Kathy Lee Crosby, but I don’t count that.) I find it still holds up all these decades later, much like Ms. Carter herself! Here’s why.

Lynda Carter: Well she was just awesome, and does a great job of doing that whole spin change thing. Was that cool or what?

Lyle Waggoner as Steve Trevor: He couldn’t act worth a damn, but at least he was pretty to look at.

Paradise Island: a.k.a known as the Island of Women in Pastel Nighties. Need I say more?

Freedom: Wonder Woman is fighting for the free world, which is cool since she comes from a monarchy with an occasionally tyrannical queen.

The Magic Lasso of Truth: Nothing like a little bondage with your superheroes.

The Invisible Plane: How could you not love the Invisible Plane? It has no engine and apparently can adapt its interior for the occasion. Also, in the pilot movie, it seems to be able to let her pass from one plane to another without hatches!

And the theme song! I almost forgot the theme song! “In your satin tights, fighting for your rights, and the old red, white, and blue!”

3 thoughts on “Why Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman is Awesome

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