More Bombshells from the Emma Watson/J.K. Rowling interview

J.K. Rowling recently rocked fans when part of her interview with Emma Watson was leaked. Here are more bombshells to be seen in the full interview tomorrow.

Professor Trelawney and Professor McGonagall are in a long term relationship.

Professor Sprout and Professor Flitwick like to do it in Greenhouse 3.

She really wanted Mr. Bean to play Snape and Dame Edna to play Dolores Umbridge in the movies.

Originally, Hermione’s character was named Bathsheba Bittlebottom.

George and Fred did actually notice on the Marauder’s Map that  Peter Pettigrew was sleeping with Ron, but were keeping an open mind.

She had originally meant to kill Hagrid in the Deathly Hallows, but autocorrect changed it to Hedwig, so she left it.

35% of fan fiction she writes herself.

The reason there are so few grandparents is that they all get diabetes or hardening of the arteries from all the feasting they do at Hogwarts.

Gilderoy Lockhart recovers and opens The Lockhart Finishing School for Witches and Wizards of Meager Talents.

Quidditch really is a metaphor for sex.

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