The Headless Plotlines of Sleepy Hollow

Sept. 22

I was going to review new shows that were on this week, but the only one that I wanted to watch was Sleepy Hollow. In general, I found it watchable and entertaining and I will give it a few more chances to see where it goes. Right now though, I think it has already started plotlines that aren’t going to be sustainable, especially for the ambitious 7 years of tribulation mentioned in the episode.

First of all, the Headless Horseman is Death, one of the four riders of the Apocalypse? How are they going to be able to sustain that one? Death cannot be defeated nor destroyed. Nor should it be. While some might long for immortality, the idea of no Death is horrifying. The ramifications are too many to list. But just think about a world filled with insects, animals, and people that never die.  Sometimes, as trite as it sounds, death is a blessing.

Since Death can’t be beaten, how do you fight It? Well, if you’re the shows writers you make him vulnerable to sunlight. Excuse me? Death is a vampire? Or at least a pre-Twilight vampire? People die during the day. That part just seemed too totally contrived to be able to last long.

I also had a problem with the good and evil covens in Sleepy Hollow. Again, a little too trite and too contrived. For one thing, while the idea of the Apocalypse is scary, some look forward to the end times and they are not evil. Is Revelations an evil document? And no one noticed that the town priest has been the same old man for 250 years? The people of Sleepy Hollow aren’t too bright, are they?

Then there is Ichabod. He seems to be handling things pretty well since he finds himself 250 years in the future, finds out his wife was a witch, and discovers that he is going to be battling evil for the next seven years. I’m sure we will be treated to more humorous bits of his adjustment to the future, like playing with electric windows, while ignoring the bigger issues that such time travel would entail.

Overall, it seems like the show is going to be part Supernatural and part Buffy. After all, it seems Sleepy Hollow has a Hellmouth. Perhaps it will do as well as both of those shows.

I hope I will find Agents of Shield better.

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