Micro Horror Day 21

Janna looked into the mirror and said “Bloody Mary” three times. No woman appeared in the mirror. She turned around and screamed.

Her brother found her the next morning, lying on the floor in a puddle of tomato juice and vodka, with two celery sticks jammed into her eyes.

Micro Horror Day 20

Mary looked over her garden. The silver bells and cockle shells had been easy. And finally, after some unfortunate trial and error, she had found the best way to plant the maidens was to bury them up to their neck. That way, they couldn’t run away and there was still opportunity for proper watering.

Micro Horror Day 19

“It’s your turn to feed the baby,” she said. Even though he wanted to argue, he knew there was no point and got out of bed then walked to nursery where the baby was screaming. He picked the baby up and held it to his neck and felt the little fangs go in.

Micro Horror Day 17

Blake and Jesse walked had in hand through the “haunted” corn maze they had decided to stop at as they drove down the highway. “This hasn’t been very scary so far, though it is good to see so many kids here having fun,” Blake said, right before the children pulled out their sickles and advanced on the couple.

Micro Horror Day 16

“He . . . he tripped over our cat Shadow in the dark and fell down the stairs and, and he landed like that, with his neck all twisted,” Mary told the officer, patting at the tears on her face.

“I’m sorry about your husband, ma’am. I guess black cats are unlucky,” the officer said.

I prefer to think of her as well-trained, Mary thought as she slipped Shadow another cat treat.

Micro Horror Day 14

She hated having to spend the night in Arizona. First there was only one soap instead of two, then the spider in the hallway, and the people next door who had a child, and the list went on. Why, she must have called the front desk over a dozen times in the last half hour. But finally, her room service was here. She lifted the silver cover from the plate and heard the rattle right before it struck.